There is now a Yubico you can plug into your iPhone

by Atiya
August 21, 2019

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In the midst of the latest iPhone vulnerability exploitation, users are likely to become more security-conscious.

Yubico has just announced the world’s first Lightning port-compatible security key, which will help users to bring their iPhone security to the next level.

For authentication, you to plug the 5Ci into your iPhone and select your chosen security app to log into without a password.  If you’re a Brave user, you will need to additionally open a password manager to use some online services.

The 5Ci supports a variety of password managers and authentication services, including iPassword, Dashlane, LastPass and Bitwarden and Okta.

As well as an iPhone, you can also log into Android devices or your computer using the included USB-C port.

A few exceptions to where you can use the key are the 2018 iPad Pro, FIDO-compliant service or app out of the box.  Third-party developers need to add support for the 5Ci to their apps individually before they can be compatible, according to a statement by the company.  The upcoming iOS 13 update may also solve the iPad Pro compatibility problem.

You can buy the 5Ci for $70, or it’s cheaper counterpart- the YubiKey 5 NFC for $45.

Source: engadget 

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