The Xbox app is getting stories

June 16, 2021
Xbox App Stories

The Xbox app is the latest platform to receive a short form stories feature “because everyone deserves to see that no scope.”

It seems that every social media app is getting some version of Snapchat’s stories. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all have their own clone of the feature, and Xbox apparently don’t want to be left out, so of course, the feature is coming to the Xbox App

With liking, sharing, commenting all available on posts, it seems like a fairly standard carbon copy, but rather uniquely, Xbox’s stories may last for longer than a day, as the announcement post shows a Sea of Thieves story from “1d ago”. 

Announced via a short tweet from Xbox, we don’t have many details yet on exactly how the feature will operate, but it’s apparently going to be released today.

From the announcement, it sounds like this feature may be limited in scope to start with, with Xbox calling them “official game stories” so they may be limited to just games pages. 

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