The upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra may finally end your obsession over the Note

by Rahul
September 23, 2021

Although Samsung promised to keep its Note series alive, the latest rumors made us quite skeptical about the future of the flagship series. What’s the latest rumors that I just mentioned, you ask? Well, according to sources close to the famous tipster Ice universe, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone will have an in-built pen slot, unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is also rumored to be wider with a screen aspect ratio the same as the Note20, which is 19.3:9. The in-built pen slot also explains why Samsung is embracing 19.3:9 instead of sticking to what S21 Ultra offered.

If the sources are true, this will further blur the line between a Note and an S series, and users may finally stop obsessing over the former. While the addition of a dedicated pen slot in S22 Ultra in no way means it’ll be as good of a note-taking device as the Note series, we’re expecting Samsung to make more additions in the upcoming flagship model in order to appeal to the Galaxy Note loyalists.

Assuming we’re interpreting the rumors correctly, there is a purpose of adding the dedicated pen slot to the S22 Ultra: the company wants to kill the Note but doesn’t want to kill its uniqueness, which is the ability to take notes seamlessly. So adding all those unique note-taking features to the Galaxy S22 Ultra makes perfect sense.

Releasing one flagship series a year will help Samsung focus more on the foldable category of devices. And now that the company is about to face fierce competition from the likes of Microsoft, Google, Apple, a renewed focus with greater vigor is need of the hour for the South Korean tech giant to maintain the leading position in the foldable smartphone market. Only time will tell whether Samsung manages to hold the no. 1 position in the foldable space.


If rumors are to be believed, the upcoming Galaxy S22 series will be powered by Exynos 2200 chipset with AMD Mobile Radeon GPU with RDNA2 graphics. Rumor also has it that it’ll have a triple camera setup — a 50 MP main camera, an ultrawide camera, and a telephone camera with 3x optical zoom. The Ultra version is expected to offer a 108 MP main camera. Other features include a 120 Hz display, stereo speakers, fast charging, wireless charging, and water resistance.

Meanwhile, the upcoming S22 Ultra will support a 45W charging speed, which is expected to be significantly better than the 25W that’s used in the Galaxy S21. The 45W charger is certainly not the fastest charger right now as Xiaomi 11T Pro rocks a 120W, which can take the battery from 0 to 100 percent in 23 minutes.

You can track all the latest news related to the Galaxy S22 series here.

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