The Parking Network – Save a spot, find a spot

Have you ever have trouble finding a parking spot?

Don’t you think it would be wonderful if an app can show you exactly where an occupied parking spot is about to go free?

The Parking Network project is an attempt in locating all parking spots in the world on streets and in garages, and will ultimately provide a complete tool for visualizing parking spots in your city in your hand.

The Parking Network project is currently in phase one, where this free app solely provides you with the functionality of remembering your spot. Behind the scene, however, is more than a simple parking spot reminder. This app will upload the information about your currently parked spot anonymously to our databases, and thereby, as time progresses, create a database of parked spots around the world. In later phases of the project, when data is sufficient, the app will be updated with a “find parking spot” feature. At that time, we hope we can free everyone’s frustration in looking for a parking spot in your city.

Even in the first phase, The Parking Network makes remembering your parked spot seamlessly easy. Simply take out your phone, launch the app while holding the phone in landscape, you will automatically prompted to take an image. (if you hold your phone portrait, it will go into the map mode, at which you can still set the spot by holding the map).

And then you will be asked about the spot (the spot expiry, and cost), there is a quick button in the app bar to indicate that the spot is free:

Once you have set your information, the spot’s information will be uploaded to the database, where information about your spot (i.e. GPS, ticket start/end time, cost). No information about your or your phone’s identity will be stored.

Now the app will indicate where you have parked. And if you walk away and launch the app again, the app will show the shortest possible walking path back to your spot, as well as the time/value remaining, and time to walk back to your spot.
If you have pinned the app to the start screen, you will also receive tile notification about your spot. There is also a pin button in the “My spot” pivot page to pin a tile to go directly to taking an image of your spot:

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The project is developed using Google Web Service API for Windows Phone. They are now looking for supporters.

You can get the app here for free, or the QR code: