The Onion 7 v2.0 – Updated with Mangos

America’s finest news app, the Onion 7 has been a must-have since it was released earlier this year. Now in it’s 20th version (officially 2.0 in the marketplace), it continues to get better – notably adding Mango support in the latest release.

With over 2000 user ratings, this fan favorite gives quick access to nearly all of the content on the Onion:

  • Mango support, with fast app switching
  • Breaking news, videos, radio news and sports hubs give you quick access to news
  • The user-configuratble live tile keeps you in the know on the go.
  • Any article can be shared to your facebook or twitter, or sent via SMS or email
  • Feeling voyeuristic? The Popular hub lets you see what others are sharing.
  • And of course, search the entire database of the Onion content right within the app.

All of this hasn’t been lost on those on the street:

“I love Onions – I always end up crying.”

“Without the Onion, my productivity would be through the roof. Who’d want that?”

“Is this stuff real? It’s on the internet, so it must be.”

The Onion 7 is available for free in the marketplace, or you can also buy the ad-free version for $1.99.