The Onion 7 – laugh.a.little

It’s been written about before, but the Onion 7 has been continuously updated and we thought it’d be a good idea to give its new features a run through their paces. For those that don’t know, the Onion is a news parity site that bills itself as “America’s finest news source.” The Onion 7, an unofficial app, does a great job in bringing that motto to your WP7. Now on version 1.18, the app continues to improve with regular weekly updates, largely driven by user-requests. Additions since our last review include:

  1. Video’s now play in the app, and in landscape mode – with the ability to turn off ads during playback.
  2. The live tile has been updated to be configurable – and will now take you to the hub that contains the article shown on the tile, automatically.
  3. The hubs in the app are now completely configurable, so you can get the news you want, and skip the rest.
  4. A “Popular” hub has been added, allowing you to quickly see the articles that the community loves the most.
  5. Articles are downloaded in the background more efficiently, meaning less impact on you as you read articles, and the ability to read the Onion even when you’re in a tunnel. Or something.

And lastly, for those who don’t like advertisements, an ad-free version has been released to the marketplace that brings all of the humor with none of the ads. Nice touch.

Overall the app still feels great. The layout screams WP7, and the constant updates make it a pleasure to use. All of this makes the Onion 7 a clear winner in the marketplace, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Twitter anyone?

The Onion 7 is available for free in the marketplace, or you can also buy the ad-free version for $1.99.

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