The Nokia low-light photo challenge on video

Lumia 920 PureView in the Dark - Hands On

Are you curious whether the PureView camera on the newly announced Lumias actually works as they claim with low-light conditions? Nokia had a representative at the NYC evening event specifically proving that the phone is indeed capable of producing these pictures!

In our video, the Lumia 920 went up against the HTC Trophy (admittedly a terrible camera phone), and the results were clear as ever. The Lumia 920 managed to capture the picture with nearly no light (and no flash). The quality of the picture is yet unknown since we could only see the picture distantly from the phone’s screen, but the phone can definitely make even the darkest things shine brighter than ever.

Check out WPCentral’s video too after the break.

Nokia photo challenge with the Lumia 920 and PureView camera

WPCentral managed to catch the Nokia low light photo challenge, which asks rival camera phones to take pictures of a vase in a darkened “room” on video, and with accusations that Nokia’s low-light pictures not being real,  it is pretty clear that these results are far from faked.

Thanks Charles for the tip.