The Metal Guys’ Escape : A game for the summers

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We, at Mad Council Games, are proud to bring to you our first game released for windows phone. The Metal Guys’ Escape is a colorful, fun and light game which we have just released for windows phone 8.0 and 8.1. Soon enough the game will be available on Windows tablets and PCs and then on other smart phone OS . It’s free and does not have any in game ads. We at Mad Council Games want to improve the standards of 2D gaming in the windows phone store and this is our first sincere effort in that direction. You can scan the QR code given below if you wish to download the game from the marketplace.

The Meta Guys’ Escape will introduce you to a new hero, ‘The Metal Guy’. He is only a fun loving robot.

The game is more or less and endless runner sort of a game except this game does have an ending. The story goes something like this :

Little did he know that the planet is full of evil, ambitious scientists who captured him and then performed experiments after  experiments on the poor guy.  Just about when our metal guy had lost all hope, he somehow managed to escape and now he is on the run,  trying to make his way to his beloved spaceship which shall take him back to his home planet.

You are to play the role of the Metal Guy and even though this all sounds too easy, standing in your way are  some really daunting obstacles and spaceships sent by the evil scientists willing to do anything to stop their  precious acquisition from escaping. These spaceships have all different abilities. Some you can just dodge while some will rain lasers on you. But playing as the metal guy you will never feel overwhelmed by these outrageous abilities possessed by your enemies. See, you will have some of your own. You can disappear momentarily, you can shoot endless amount of lasers, you can create a shield around you. The enemies and the game both operates at a very fast speed so you will have to be at your reflexive best if you want to stay alive.

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While creating this game our team was very clear about one idea – this game can never be dark or serious. The colors used, the graphics used, the audio,  they were all chosen keeping in mind that we want to create something funny, something beautiful and rich in colors. We wanted to do something different from the current you will find a game that has a feel good factor about its game play.

Play the game simply because you want  this super cute guy to get back home.The game can be played with touch gestures, or keyboard or mouse depending on the type of input that your device supports. Currently there is only one mode in the game and in time we will be adding two new modes and other options. As mentioned earlier in the article, this is our first game so we badly need reviews from you lot, the real gamers, regarding how we can improve this game and the other games that we may develop in the future (surely we will, and windows phone will always be our first priority).

If you do not like the game you can always uninstall it but still we encourage  you to rate us and review the game and let us know where we can improve. This feedback will be the most important phase of our game development process.Here is the QR code that you can scan with your phone to go to download page of the game in marketplace. Alternatively you can visit the following link to download the game:

Click here to go to marketplace and download the game.

Do not forget to rate and review the game! Cheers gamers!

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