The game of the year 2014* Galaxy Trucker app is now available for Widows Phone!


4, 2015

Galaxy Trucker Teaser

Czech Games Edition today announces the digital version of Galaxy Trucker, an award winning mobile application, is landing on the Windows Phone Store.

Galaxy Trucker is the first of the CGE games to go mobile. Players can expect a detailed tutorial full of space humor, options to play against various AI personalities, as well as against fellow truckers and friends both in real-time and turn-based multiplayer. An intriguing campaign mode with many interesting challenges and more than 80 achievements also offers a great amount of game play for solo players.

Galaxy Trucker for Widows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 is now available for the first two weeks for a special price of $2.99 (the regular price will be $4.99). The app is also available worldwide in English and Czech language, with more languages in progress right now.

Galaxy Trucker is a digital implementation of the award-winning board game by Vlaada Chvatil.

Find it in the Windows Phone Store here.

*The app was named game of the year 2014 by Pocket Tactics and and awarded the VideoGameGeek Award for Most Innovative Game.
Galaxy Trucker has also become iOS Board Games reader’s choice game of the year and one of the best games of 2014 by AppStore Arcade and
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