Now that Samsung has released its first-ever clamshell foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, it’s now busy developing the Galaxy Fold successor, which, as per a Korean source, is codenamed as Champ.

Samsung Galaxy Fold successor is an exciting product, not because of the fact that it’s a foldable phone, but rather due to the fact that it will use an exciting new technology for the first time. The Galaxy Fold successor will be the first Samsung smartphone to use an under-display camera, as per the Korean source.

The source, however, didn’t provide enough details on the under-display camera technology, which leaves us in the dark about whether or not the Galaxy Fold successor will use a “mosaic notch“. For those not aware, the mosaic notch, essentially, hides the notch or the punch hole cut out by making it appear more like the rest of the screen — you’ll notice it only if you take a closer look. Otherwise, the notch appears to be invisible from a distance.

The source also claims the Galaxy Fold successor is likely to release in the month of July. In that period of time, Samsung isn’t expected to release any new flagship smartphones and that paves the way for the South Korean company to dedicate an entire event to talk about the upcoming Galaxy Fold.

Samsung didn’t see much success with the original Galaxy Fold, and the company will definitely want to change that with the second generation Galaxy Fold and while it’s not known what improvements we’ll see on the upcoming Galaxy Fold, it will try hard to fix most of them. Also, Samsung is expected to bring the Galaxy Fold successor to more markets to increase the reach of its foldable smartphone.

What do our readers think about the upcoming Galaxy Fold? If Samsung fixes all the major issues that appeared in the Galaxy Fold., will you buy the upcoming Fold? Let us know in the comments below.