Backward compatibility strikes again with the introduction of a cult classic and the equivalent of a trash fire that’s been burning for fifteen years.

First up is The Darkness, a cool, comic-inspired first-person shooter by Starbreeze Studios. It’s one of the best shooters on the Xbox 360 alongside its great-but-short sequel.

In The Darkness, you play as Jackie Estacado who is targeted for assassination on his 21st birthday – not a great present. To defend himself, Jackie will have to use the supernatural demonic forces of The Darkness. The Darkness is really f*@king cool.

Duke Nukem Forever, on the other hand, is less cool, no matter how much it thinks its cool. It’s a flat, uninspired shooter that fails to recapture the magic of Duke Nukem 3D. It had some entertaining multiplayer, but no one is playing that now.

The final game on the list is X-COM Declassified, a thoroughly mediocre game that never manages to bring itself up to the heights of its turn-based counterparts. It’s entertaining enough and offers some innovative ideas, but you could play The Darkness instead.

The Darkness can be purchased for £2.99/$3.99 if you’re a Gold Subscriber. Otherwise, it’ll cost you £14.99/$19.99. X-COM is currently £2.99/$3.99 for Gold users instead of £14.99/$19.99. If you have Gold, you could pick up Duke Nukem Forever on sale for £3.99/$3.99, but you could do a lot better so don’t.