The best Samsung Focus review so far



UberGizmo have published a comprehensive review of the Samsung Focus, and the review is peppered with comments where the reviewer simply found the Focus a better device than the iPhone.

Elaine found the larger screen easier to use, appreciated the user interface more than the iPhone’s ancient grid of icons, found the UI more responsive and the browser faster.

In the end she concluded:

The Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7 is the first smartphone that make me want to replace my iPhone 4, I love the beautiful user interface (even with the few flaws that need to be fixed), the Facebook feed direct integration, the map application, the large display and the great performance (fast scrolling makes this phone a joy to use) Sometime, I have fun just watching photos of (rock)bands in the music player while listening to their albums… I have to admit that may not be the most common usage.

Most people who bought tons of music from iTunes told me that they would have a hard time to replace their iPhone -even for a better device- just for one reason: they feel locked in the Apple Music store and do not want to lose the money they have already invested. I am only using subscription- based music services, so, I do not have that problem. Additionally, since 2008, Apple began offering music that was not locked or DRMed, and by April 2009 most songs were unlocked, and according to Pocket PC Central, it is possible to transfer the non-DRM audio files to an Android smartphone, I guess the same could be possible with a WP7 device, but you will have to check for yourself.

But not everything is rosy: some people could argue that the Super Amoled display is so-so in direct sunlight, that Bing is not the best search engine on the planet, that Copy/Paste is a vital feature (I agree), that Marketplace needs more apps with an efficient user interface, and finally – that the device look is a bit less stylish than the iPhone 4.

Nevertheless, the Windows Phone 7 user experience is great, overall. It is really a breakthrough in terms of mobile device usage, and the Samsung Focus hardware quality and performance serves it very well.

Read the full review here.

Thanks MobilePaddy for the tip.

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