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I just published my first windows phone app "Funny Jokes" on the marketplace, and its live now. You can find it here  or by searching "modern creation" in the marketplace.

The summary for the app:

The FunnyJokes app on windows will lighten your mood even on a rainy day. Read the funniest jokes with FunnyJokes on windows phone and share them with your friend. The app allows you to read, publish, comment, like/dislike jokes. The dev is devoted to providing a pleasant user experience. Will listen to and respond users’ requests by providing frequent update. Will make FunnyJokes the most feature rich jokes app on windows phone.

The process of development was a lot of fun. I started the development with 8 months of experience using a HD7, some familiarity with C#, no knowledge on Silverlight and Azure. Through my past experience, I found out that the best way to learn about a platform is to learn through developing. I first quickly read through the basic tutorials provided on the App Hub, then created a template app using visual studio. Whenever I needed to implement a feature that I wasn’t sure how to do it, I would search on the internet to get the solution. In the following posts, I would also share some of the technical challenges and how I solved it. So stay tuned.

I plan to provide frequent updates to bring more features to the app. Some of the upcoming features are: Multi-language support, live tiles.

Hopefully, it would be the best joke reading and sharing experience on windows phone. You can read upcoming tech articles from the dev at his blog at

Thanks guys, I would like to hear any feedback and comments for the app, and keep improving it.

FunnyJokes is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

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