The Apps Windows Phone Lacks

As CNET’s Luke Westaway said in the Nokia Lumia vs iPhone vs Android comparison today, “there just aren’t very many desirable apps and games on Windows Phone yet, with developers preferring to build apps for iOS and Android.”

This may hurt the egos of Windows Phone fans, but frankly it is true and is a valid disadvantage of Windows Phone 7. Over time, more and more apps will become available for Windows Phone and may even surpass iOS someday, but we are in the present right now and the iPhone’s app store is far better than Windows Phone.

Sure, some users may find all their app needs satisfied with the Windows Phone Marketplace. However, there are way too many common apps that your “average user” needs but doesn’t have on WP7. For the record, my definition of an average user is someone who isn’t a techy and simply uses their smartphone for fun and to make their life easier.

Now I must put some evidence behind these claims. Therefore, here is a small list of apps that an average user is missing out on. One average user’s desires are of course different than another’s, but the point is, there are definitely some apps that users want but can’t have…

  • Pandora – No, Slacker or Zune Pass isn’t a substitute.
  • Spotify
  • Skype – Coming soon, but taking forever
  • Domino’s App – order pizza right from your iPhone.
  • Words with Friends – Nearly everyone plays this, not the alternatives
  • Audible
  • College Apps – University of Arizona has an iPhone and Android app, but no Windows Phone app.
  • Square – App for iPhone and Android that allows you to swipe Credit Cards with your phone
  • Chase Bank
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Event specific apps – For example, the CES app is not available on WP7.
  • Games – The iPhone has far more exclusives than Windows Phone. Better looking games too.
  • Google+ – Some non-techy people I know used Google+, and there’s no app on WP7.
  • Most new apps – Many startup companies will design their apps for iPhone or Android, not WP7.

The list goes on. There are numerous significant apps missing from Windows Phone 7 that would make the consumer feel left out of the loop, since his or her friends have this great app but he/she doesn’t.

While I completely support Windows Phone 7, supporting something doesn’t mean shutting your eyes and ears to constructive criticism. There are things that need improving in WP7 just like there are things the iPhone and Android need to improve on. Nothing can be perfect.

Tell us what apps you’re missing in the comments and we’ll update the article. And go here to tell Pandora we want a Windows Phone app.

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