That was fast – Samsung Giorgio Armani review out already


9, 2009

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PhoneArena must have had this review lying in the back of their draws, as no sooner has the Giorgio Armani smartphone been released, than they had a review ready.

The version they reviewed runs Windows Mobile 6.1, the device is shipped with 6.5.  That should not matter too much however, as Samsung has buried the Windows Mobile user interface pretty deeply.

The device is pretty large (Touch Pro 2 size) and heavy, and PhoneArena was not too overly impressed with the styling, describing it thus:

As a whole, the overall look of the Samsung Giorgio Armani makes us think of these massive, diamond studded neck-chains with inscription reading P.I.M.P. on them. In other words, the flashy look and brand name of the phone make for quite an eye-catcher in a rather bulky, tawdry, gangsta way.

They were not too impressed with the keyboard either, but of course what device can compare when placed against the HTC Touch Pro 2 keyboard.

Media playback was pretty good on the device, with PhoneArena commenting:

TouchPlayer unifies all audio, filtered by albums or artists and video content available on the device. The player itself can be operated in landscape mode as well, its large album art and rows of text that allow filtering below making it look like the one on the OMNIA HD (or the iPhone Cover Flow in particular).

Videos are showed in huge preview frames and each of them casts really nicely looking reflection downwards. You also have the intriguing option to change playback speed and we must say that Rihanna´s Pon de Replay sounds AWESOME at 1.5 times the normal speed! The good news is DivX and Xvid files are played without a hitch. Fashion buffs will be able to enjoy proper experience and see their favorite movies completely hassle free on the Samsung Giorgio Armani, provided they are not coded in HD of course.

The phone is quadband GSM and has the 900, 1900 and 2100 Mhz HSDPA bands.

Read the full review at PhoneArena here.

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