Tesla has responded to calls from the US government to help supply the several tens of thousands of ventilators expected to be needed to manage to COVID-19 crisis in USA, but has faced some criticism from critics who have accused them of simply purchasing ventilators from overseas and supplying bringing these to USA.

In response, Tesla released a video showing their ongoing work to build a ventilator from Tesla car parts.  The video shows both their rough prototype work and a surprisingly sophisticated final design, which includes battery back-up, allowing clinicians to move patients while still oxygenating them.

Tesla says there is still a lot of work to do, but the company has already delivered 1,000 traditional ventilators from Medtronics, with that work going on in parallel.

tesla ventilator
The Tesla ventilator complete with Model 3 infotainment screen and backup battery.

Tesla has reopened its New York factory to build its new design, and we will hopefully see results before the 30,000-odd units are desperately needed.

Via Engadget.