Tesla is currently testing their Model Y cross-over in the wild, leading to numerous sightings of the vehicle by Tesla enthusiasts.

The Tesla Model Y will feature an optional 7 seats and a 300-mile range and should hit production in Fall 2020.

The car has been spotted in Black, White and Midnight Silver, and now a Tesla enthusiast group has spotted the car in Bright Red, and it is finally looking really good.

Tesla has always been a slave to aerodynamics,  one of the keys to its world-beating electrical efficiency, but it has prevented their vehicles from having the aggressive looks which have been in vogue for some time now.

The red colour, however, goes a long way to make up for the swooping nose and gentle slope of the windscreen, at least in my view.

The Model Y is expected to be a popular car, and shared 70% of its parts with the model 3, but is expected to benefit from a number of advanced manufacturing technologies which should allow Tesla to address the mass market on the way to their million-car per year target.

Via electrek