Telus HTC Touch Pro – first real pictures!

We knew the HTC Touch Pro is coming to Telus pretty soon – in fact the device is expected to be released before the end of October.

It is therefore inevitable that pictures of the smartphone will start leaking out, and that is exactly what has occurred. Thanks to a tip we have pictures of the HTC Touch Pro next to its older HTC Mogul sibling. Thankfully is seems Telus has generally left good enough alone. TouchFlo3D appears largely unmodified, and the keyboard still has its unique independent number row, unlike the butchered version on the AT&T Fuze.

Without further ado, here are the rest of pictures of the device. They are blurry, so we know they are real 😉

 Versus the HTC Touch Diamond – CDMA version.


Credit: RileysFreeman for the tip, kjb_ninja for the pictures

More pictures after the break