Telstra Samsung Omnia W being End of Life’d soon



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Filed under the “That was quick” department, WPDownUnder reports that Telstra will be discontinuing the Samsung Omnia W soon, a mere 6 months after the release of the handset.

The handset is no longer available on Telstra’s consumer online store, with potential buyers needing to call via the business phone sales line – or shop in-store for any remaining units.

The move epitomizes the short life cycle phones have with carriers these days. Fortunately despite End of Life’d Telstra is still expected to provide updates, as they have done in the past with other discontinued Windows Phones.

It however suggests Microsoft needs to take more responsibility for updates on handsets (as we believe will happen with Windows Phone 8) so that at least OS updates are independent of carriers and OEMs, just like we expect on PCs.

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