Telstra cancels Nokia Lumia 1020 pre-orders, offers free NL 520 as compensation

1186921_10151705816957690_275906891_n-700x394 reports that major Australian carrier Telstra has cancelled all pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 1020, due to a software issue so severe they were unable to give a date when the handset would be available.

In compensation however they were offering buyers a free, no commitment Nokia Lumia 520, which just dropped from $179 to $99 on Telstra, and must surely be costing the carrier even less. Thats a pretty sweet consolation prize.

It is not known what Telstra’s software issue is (possible something like AT&T’s online file locker?) but the handset is happily being sold by Optus and Harvey Norman.

Have any of our readers been a beneficiary of Telstra’s largesse? Let us know below.

Via, thanks Brent3000 for the tip.