Telegram blesses Ngram for Windows Phone


Messaging app Telegram does not have an official Windows Phone app, but it appears the company has now blessed a 3rd party app as an official substitute.1 of 4

Telegram has an emphasis on speed and security.  With Telegram, you can create chat groups with up to 200 people and share videos up to 1GB, and send pictures and any multimedia file. All your posts are in the cloud, so you can access them from any of your devices.

Ngram is now claiming to be developed by Telegram Messenger, which given the promotion by the official Telegram Messenger twitter account may very well be true, and the official description of the app now makes no reference to being a 3rd party client.

Hopefully this outcome has resulted in a good reward for a hardworking Windows Phone developer, and will also result in a well maintained app going forward.

Find Ngram in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Windows Phone