Tank Battle Free: A Mecha RPG in a fantasy world


Tank Battle puts you in increasingly difficult missions against enemy tanks and aircraft. Your aim is simple; destroy anything in your path; however that isn’t so easy… The enemy tanks get progressively better armed and more intelligent after each mission. Enemy helicopter gunships patrol the skies on later missions.

The battlefield is home to obstacles, plant life, powerups and lots of enemy tanks. Powerups allow you to temporary upgrade your armour, weapons or manoeuvrability which can be the deciding factor in a large tank clash, however be wary as the enemy tanks can also use any powerups they find.

tankbattlefreeqrYou start as a humble lieutenant but earn experience from every battle; the greatest tank commanders may eventually earn the rank of General. The prototype tank has thicker armour (it can take 3 hits), more powerful shells and more importantly a long range cannon, giving you the advantage in technology at least…

Note, there are two control systems available – normal arcade mode and a touch and follow mode. These can be set in the options screen.

Tank Battle Free can be found in Marketplace here.

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