Talko gets acquired by Microsoft, to join Skype


Microsoft today announced the company has acquired Talko, an innovative mobile app for on-the-go business communications. Talko employees will be joining the Skype team at Microsoft, and they will be working on Skype for Business, as well Skype.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Gurdeep Singh Pall stated:

I am pleased to announce today that Microsoft has acquired technology from Talko, maker of an innovative mobile app for on-the-go business communications. As part of the agreement, Talko employees will join the Skype team. Together, the new technology and talent will help us deliver great new features and capabilities in both Skype and Skype for Business.

Talko also announced the acquistion on its website, stating:

Today we’re announcing that Talko’s been acquired by Microsoft to help fuel future innovation in Skype and Skype for Business.

As part of the Skype team, we’ll leverage Talko’s technology and the many things we’ve learned during its design and development. We’ll strive to deliver the best of our product’s innovations far more broadly than on our current path.

We deeply appreciate the commitment that so many of you made in betting on Talko. You invested your time and your reputation to convince your friends and co-workers to use the product with you.

From each of us – thank you, so very much.

Talko will be shutting down by March 2016, and the company will be allowing users to export all their past Talko conversations. Nonetheless, tell us what you think of Microsoft’s latest acquistion in the comment section below.