Tado smart thermostat to get smarter with new features for Windows and Windows Phone


I initially chose a Tado smart thermostat due to its native support of Windows Phone, unlike competing solutions such as Hive or Nest. The company has kept true to their promise and has even updated their app to a Universal Windows App, meaning when I am using my laptop I do not need to reach for my phone to adjust the temperature.

As an Internet of Things company however I have been somewhat disappointed that the device and service does not do more.

In a recent blog post however the company has revealed that their hardware is indeed very capable, and that they are looking to bring along even more advanced services over the next few months.

They revealed that their devices include unused sensors such as  noise, motion, light, etc. which will be the foundation of such new and exciting features which will be enabled over time at no additional cost.

Their roadmap (in no particular order) includes:

Additional planned features (unsorted):

  • General
    • IFTTT timer support: new field for “start heating” action (“Boost”)
    • New report in web application
    • More “triggers” and “actions” for IFTTT, such as a “trigger” for temperature changes
    • Public API for customers
    • Managing of multiple homes in one app (eg. for vacation homes)
    • Different levels of user rights (Admin & “Regular User”)
    • Improved rendering of temperature curves in report
    • Deactivatable temperature smoothing in report
    • More data displayed in the reports, such as humidity
    • Improved localization for Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg
    • Copying of days in the Smart Schedule
    • Configurable “home zone” (geofence size)
  • Mobile Apps
    • Optimized Apps for Tablets (eg. for iPad, Galaxy Tab, MS Surface, …)
    • Apple Watch App
    • Android Wear App
    • Live Tile Support (Windows)
    • iOS Today Widget (iOS)
    • Android Widget
    • Voice Commands (Siri, Google, Cortana)
  • Smart AC Control
    • Allow configuration of static offset for the temperature sensor
    • Full Windows Phone support for Smart AC Control (includes installation)
    • AC-Confirmation “Beep-Detection”
    • Indoor location detection via BLE
    • WPA2-Enterprise Support
    • Option to switch the Smart AC Control from “remote control mode” (the AC uses its own temperature sensor for control at the location where the AC is mounted) to a “closed loop control” mode, wherein tado° varies the AC’s setpoint temperature to reach the tado° setpoint temperature at the location where the Smart AC Control measures the room temperature.
  • Smart Thermostat
    • More detailed boiler and “call for heat” duration reports
    • Improved “call for heat” display in the report

I am of course particularly cheered that Windows and Windows Phone support are specifically called out, being reminded that the engineer which was meant to install my Tado eventually did not do the job as I had no iPhone or Android devices at home. Hopefully that is now a thing of the past.

More exciting than the software tweaks is that additional hardware is on the way, with multi-zone thermostats and radiator valve controllers in particular being welcome in chilly Europe (where we only need air conditioners for 1 week in the year).

Overall I am happy with my Tado, and with the coming improvements it looks like things can only get better.

You can pick up a Tado for only £180 at Amazon UK here, and the app can be found in the Windows Store here.

Developer: tado.
Price: Free

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