Tabbed browsing comes to Windows Phone 7 with Browser Plus

With 3rd party apps lacking native access on Windows Phone 7 one might have thought there would not be alternative browsers available on the platform.

Browser Plus is therefore a welcome surprise, bringing a few welcome features to Windows phone 7 browsing.

The software features:

  • Unlimited tabs that load in the background
  • Private browsing
  • Reader mode which blocks ads and non-essential content.
  • Built-in Google search.
  • Auto-complete search results using Google.

The software, which uses the IE rendering engine, is only $0.99 in the Windows phone app store, and is by Sriram Krishnan, who works on the Windows Azure program management team at Microsoft, and has previously been a program manager for Visual Studio for devices.

Now we just need a Firefox browser for Windows Phone 7, just like on the iPhone ūüėČ


Thanks BBGT for the tip.