T-Mobile Wing takes flight, makes way for Wing 2

t-mobile-wing-top TmoToday.com is reporting on the disappearance of the aged T-Mobile Wing from T-Mobile’s online sales sites.

Mysteriously missing since yesterday, there is no trace of the wing left on the official T-Mobile web-site.  It is not available as an upgrade option, not available as a new device, but is available for those who need one on a warranty exchange.

The T-Mobile Wing is set to be replaced by the stupendous HTC Rhodium, to be known rather anticlimactically as the T-Mobile Wing 2.  The latest dates rumoured is more than 2 months away, on the 22 July 2009, leaving T-Mobile users without a Windows Mobile Professional device at all for the next 9 weeks, but given what they are waiting for, its probably worth the wait.

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