T-Mobile USA confirms Nokia Lumia 810 NOT upgradable to LTE


Contrary to rumours, it appears that the T-Mobile USA Nokia Lumia 810 will not in fact receive an upgrade to LTE support on the carrier.

A hint to this may have been when the handset was left out of T-Mobile’s un-carrier announcement, and the news has now been confirmed by was Randy Meyerson, Senior Director, Product Marketing at T-Mobile, who noted:

“I’m following up as per my note last night.  Unfortunately, the Nokia Lumia 810 is not upgradable to LTE.  While it is true that it has a chipset that is LTE-capable in certain circumstances, the variant that was used in this device can’t be enabled for LTE.”

The news will come as a disappointment to NL 810 owners, and demonstrates a lack of forward planning at T-Mobile, who could certainly have specified such support when they ordered the handset, but it serves as a warning to buyers never to purchase a handset for future features, even when supposedly confirmed, but rather for what it already present.

Via WPC.