T-Mobile reserving HTC HD2’s for new customers due to shortages

T-Mobile HTC HD2 We have written on numerous occasions about the HTC HD2 shortages on T-Mobile USA, such that we have even stopped reporting the issue, but the story has taken a new twist, with customers reporting that T-Mobile is now reserving stock only for new subscribers, leaving long-time loyal users out in the cold.

Jamielee on the T-Mobile forums for example reports:

This is ridiculous. I’m a loyal customer trying to sign a new two year contract and will still be PAYING most of the cost of the phone. I was told in store that they are only allowed to sell to new customers due to shortage of supply and I am highly upset that I cannot upgrade online. I’ve been checking back for weeks now and when it is finally available again its only for new customers. I’m SERIOUSLY considering switching to a new company. This is outrageous. Obviously, Steven was wrong when he said in his most that existing customers have priority. What a joke.

Have any of our readers run into the same issue? Let us know below.

Via Engadget.com