T-Mobile HTC HD2 first day sales exceed 21 000?



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soldouthtchd2 We have seen plenty of reports of T-Mobile HTC HD2 shortages, and TMoNews seems to have managed to peg exactly how brisk sales of the smartphone has been.

They report on a rumour placing first day sales at 21 700 for retail and employee sales only, excluding online sales and phone orders.

Wirefly corroborated this, saying:

Wirefly blew through its initial inventory (that they’d planned to last one week) before 3 PM and had to make an emergency order to keep up with the demand.

While this number is of course nowhere close to sales of devices like the iPhone or Droid, its pretty good for a device which has received very little promotion, and is likely to handedly beat the similarly specified Google Nexus One, which is still struggling to exceed 150 000 sales over the last 10 weeks.

Has supply eased in your area yet? Let us know below.

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