Swype hopes to make the jump to Windows Phone 7 with Nokia’s help


The gesture keyboard maker Swype is on a roll, being pre-installed on up to 50% of Android handsets sold, and recently having an infusion of another $2.5 million dollars from investors, after raising $3.5 million earlier.

The company has set its sights on further expansion, after already being on Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Windows 7.

“I think you will continue to see us getting deployed and moving toward our goal of being the default keyboard on any screen,” CEO Mike McSherry told AllthingsD.

The next stop is iPhone, but Steve Jobs is unlikely to yield control of the OS anytime soon.

Another OS which has strict rules regarding what modifications users and OEMs can make is Windows Phone 7, but  McSherry believes the company has a way around those restrictions.

One of the investors in Swype is in fact Nokia, an OEM which has broad permission to change whatever they like about Windows Phone 7, and McSherry hopes this will eventually result in Swype being an option on the mobile OS.

“We continue to have interesting discussions,” he said.

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Via Examiner.com