SwordDefender – action game for WP8




SwordDefender is a cool action game that come to the WP8 market a few days ago.

The Story:

A skeleton army is approaching a town from the dark forest. You, a brave young magic knight, is going to defend your town against evil!

The Gameplay:

The goal of the game is to defeat monsters and survive as long as you can!

Only by the proper use of your magic and weapon attacks you can survive longer and go further in the dark forest.

The Features:

promotionOne feature of this game is that you cast magic by “drawing”. Each of the magic has a figure accordingly and you have to draw the right figure to a magic cube on screen to cast it. Other features include fascinating graphics, various types of enemies, cute characters and exciting battles.QRCode

You can find the game in the Windows Phone Store here.

You can also scan the following QRCode.

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