SwiftKey’s improved Flow experience causes a slew of issues for users

Microsoft’s SwiftKey recently started rolling out an improved version of its Flow feature. The update was supposed to improve Flow on SwiftKey, and it does improve the feature in many ways for new users — but existing users weren’t quite happy with the changes. The issues are mostly related to users’ habitual behavior, as they are used to Flow on SwiftKey automatically adding spaces after a new word is typed using swipe — but with the new update, SwiftKey doesn’t automatically add a space after a word is swiped. Instead, it will add it when a new word is typed by the user. This leads to some users having two spaces between words as they think there isn’t a space after the word they just typed, but SwiftKey now adds the space in front of the new word rather than at the end.

There are a couple of other issues related to the new SwiftKey which, once again, is related to people’s habitual behavior. SwiftKey didn’t really communicate the new changes with users properly and that led to the app getting loads of negative reviews on Google Play. One user, for example, wrote in a review:

“Worked great until the newest update where Flow was “improved”. New system doesn’t predict next word without a space, much lower and more difficult to use. Don’t know why the SwiftKey team though this was a good idea, please change it back. Will probably uninstall and find something more efficient.”

The app got a ton of other similar reviews, as pictured in the screenshot below:

The SwiftKey team is aware of the issues, and the team stated that they are “monitoring the situation to determine the best course of action.” Here’s the full statement:

Thanks for your feedback – we appreciate it.

We are all aware of the response and are monitoring the situation to determine the best course of action, and to improve the keyboard for all of our users.

Thanks again for your support here. We will keep you posted on developments with this.

We’ll let you know when SwiftKey addresses these issues. In the meantime, let us know in the comment section below if you were also annoyed by the issues.

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