SwiftKey launches Swiftmoji Emoji Keyboard for iPhone and Android

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SwiftKey today announced the launch Swiftmoji, a brand new app for iOS and Android devices. Swiftmoji is a keyboard app designed to offer you perfect emoji predictions based on what you’ve just typed. With more than 1800 emoji to choose from, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right emoji and this new app tries to solve this issue. Swiftmoji helps you discover new emoji you may have never even seen before – with its spot-on predictions.

The app works by using the context of what you’re typing coupled with worldwide emoji trends to give you the best and most topical emoji predictions. Swiftmoji quickly recognizes sentiment across a huge userbase, analyzing how millions of people have used emoji over a given period.

Peter Holc, iOS Swiftmoji product manager, says: “Emoji popularity has exploded and very quickly it’s become the most-used unofficial language globally. However keyboards have been slow to capitalize on its rising popularity and the ongoing, daily quest to find the right emoji is still a big frustration. That’s where Swiftmoji comes in – suggesting just the right emoji for what you want to say”. Swiftmoji on iOS is an emoji keyboard, whereas Swiftmoji on Android is a full keyboard replacement.

Download it for free on both Android and iOS. If you are a Windows Phone user, you might be already aware of this feature which is natively integrated into OS keyboard. Microsoft is even trying to patent this feature.

Note: Swiftmoji is SwiftKey’s first major announcement since their acquisition by Microsoft.