SwiftKey for Android updated with support for Chinese handwriting and new languages

Microsoft has updated the SwiftKey app for Android with support for 7 new languages and transliteration support for Sinhala & Dhivehi. This update also includes support for Chinese handwriting. In an effort to improve Chinese handwriting, SwiftKey team has combine the handwriting model to work with the Chinese variants (China, Taiwan & Hong Kong), reducing the storage consumption.

Find the full change log below.

  • Support for Chinese handwriting
  • GIFs will display in 3 columns on larger devices
  • We’ve added the following languages: Bislama, Lower Sorbian, Nuosu, Limburgish, Silesian, Venetan & Makhuwa
  • Transliteration support for Sinhala & Dhivehi

Download the updated app here from Play Store.