Survey shows for some services mobile users prefer the web over apps


According to research by Adobe  of 1,200 North American mobile users, for some activities users prefer to use their mobile web browser over smartphone apps.  The majority of shoppers (66 per cent), for example, prefer to use their browser when buying goods and services on their mobile device. An even higher percentage (79 per cent) use the mobile web for product research prior to purchasing.

This trend is significant for a platform like Windows Phone 7, which in its Mango incarnation will have a highly capable browser, but of course still a much smaller app catalogue than its competitors.

Of course for some activities like games, music and Facebook users still prefer apps, but with a large percentage of apps just another version of a website for a company, it suggests companies would do well to make sure their mobile web presence is as good as their mobile app, and also that having a smaller app catalogue is not necessarily a major disadvantage when it comes to user experience.

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