Survey Reveals Over Half Of Organizations Are Still Running Windows XP

Adaptiva, a leading, global provider of add-ons for Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) conducted a survey with over 100 attendees at Microsoft TechEd North America 2014 conference. The survey revealed that 53% of organizations are still running the decade old Windows XP OS. Over 25% of them are concerned about security while 15% had purchased extended support from Microsoft.

Why are they reluctant to move? The biggest reason to migrating from Windows XP was application compatibility (29%), followed by time (15%), cost (4%), and user training (2%). Respondents also showed stronger than anticipated adoption of Windows 8, with 17% moving to Windows 8 or a mixed Windows 7+8 environment.

  • Nearly half (43%) of respondents represent companies with more than 10,000 nodes (desktops, laptops, servers), including 13% with more than 100,000. Eighty percent of those surveyed were running Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) in their organization.
  • The greatest challenge holding companies back from automating OS migration is getting the task sequence right (31%), followed by the deployment of PXE servers in remote locations (28%). Twenty-seven percent considered WAN bandwidth their biggest obstacle, while 19% pointed to lack of storage at remote locations.
  • Although cloud adoption is accelerating rapidly in many areas, a shocking 81% of respondents said the cloud had no impact on their ability to upgrade and patch applications or migrate operating systems. Another 7% said the cloud is actually making it harder for them to perform these basic systems management tasks.

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Source: Adaptiva via: CNET