Survey finds Nokia the most exciting youth brand in India


In a survey the Economic Times of India has found Nokia to be the most exciting youth brand of India.

Nokia has a very strong brand in the country, even as its dominant market share in the subcontinent has been fading.

The brand has been going through trying times across the globe and in India as well, with strong competition by Samsung and Apple. However, a lot of what the brand has been doing on the app and music front is starting to yield results. Nokia has been running campaigns where the brand is seen as an ally or ‘best friend’ of the consumer.

D Shivakumar, Nokia senior vice-president, India, Middle East and Africa said "50% of overall app downloads in India happen on Nokia Ovi store. We have the best music service, the best bands. Music, cricket and entertainment are passions of the youth. In each of these genres we’ve done a lot of work."

On the product side too, Nokia has spruced up its offering with the Lumia Windows Phones. Nokia has recently introduced the Nokia Lumia 800 handset into India, while at the same time offering its Asha Symbian range.

Nokia’s new Tango Windows Phones, expected to be announced at MWC 2012, is intended to transition their Symbian customers in emerging markets to Windows Phone, a move which will frankly rely solely on Nokia’s brand power to pull off, making this news good indeed.