Surfy 5.13 receives major update with improvements to tab management!


Today Surfy, the popular tabbed web browser for Windows Phone, received an update that brings in a myriad of new features and enhancements, not least of which is improvements to tab management and tab virtualization.

Browsing web pages can consume a lot of memory. When you’re browsing heavy, memory intensive pages, Surfy’s tab virtualization steps in to unload tabs to free memory. This improves stability when the app is running low on memory. However, if you’d prefer to live on the edge and don’t mind the app exiting when it runs out of memory, you can disable this new feature in the Advanced section of the Options screen.

Closing tabs in Surfy just got easier. Surfy now includes a double tap gesture to close tabs. If you happen to close a tab by mistake, don’t worry. Surfy has you covered. Simply select the ‘undo close tab’ menu item and the tab is restored. Sweet! The tab context menu has also been expanded to allow you to close other tabs or duplicate the current tab.

Bandwidth and network usage is an all too common issue when surfing the web on your phone. Surfy now allows you to turn off images. In addition, Surfy actually remembers your preference for each website you visit. This means, you can disable images globally, in the Advanced section of the Options screen, and enable images only on some pages.

The ability to personalize Surfy’s interface is one its most beloved features. If you prefer a dark theme, a new darker gray has been added to the list of available tab background colors. The color of the application bar has also been modified when In-Private browsing is enabled, making it more evident.

Surfy’s night dimmer has also been improved. When engaged, it is now darker and uses a red tint to reduce disruption to sleeping and melatonin levels.

Screen real estate is important in apps, and especially so in a web browser. Surfy now has an auto-minimizing application bar. When you scroll down a page, the application bar is automatically minimized; leaving more room to view the web page.

When browsing sites that require you to log in, when shopping online for example, it’s important to know when you are browsing over a secure connection. Surfy now has a secure connection indicator (a lock), which is displayed on the page’s tab when you are browsing over HTTPS.

In all, this is a large update that should put a grin on the faces of many Surfy users.

Here’s a list of new features you’ll find in the latest version of Surfy:Surfy

  • Close tabs with a double tap.
  • Undo the closing of a tab using the ‘undo close tab’ menu item.
  • Tab virtualization to improve stability when the app is running low on memory.
  • Close tab buttons can be hidden via the Advanced section of the Options screen.
  • New tab context menu items: close other tabs or duplication the current tab.
  • Turn off downloading of images via the Network section of the Options screen.
  • Disable or enable downloading of images for individual tabs.
  • Surfy remembers image settings for individual web domains.
  • New darker gray theme color available for tab background.
  • Enhanced scroll bar.
  • Night Dimmer is now darker and with red light to reduce disruption to sleeping and melatonin levels.
  • Night Dimmer is now also present in the hub and launch pad.
  • Theme now includes darker gray for tab background.
  • Back and Forward navigation improvements.
  • Numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

Download Surfy for free here.
The free version can be upgraded via an in-app purchase, which double the number of tabs to 6.

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