SurfCube Web Browser For Windows Phone 7 Hits V2.2

SurfCube, a web browser for Windows Phone 7 continue to be developed, and the roadmap is determined mostly by the  feedback they get from users. SurfCube is now the #3 paid, non-game application in the entire US Marketplace, and has similarly good positions in others. SurfCube just hit V2.2.

Here are some of the notable improvements from the V2,

– Close All tabs, Close other tabs features

– Open in Internet Explorer

– Share page / link via Twitter

– Edit favourites

– Separated settings to categories so that it is easier to find them

– Memory handling and app resume is much better when a lot of tabs are open

– Various usability enhancements and bug fixes based on feedback

-Redesigned  Settings, fixed some bugs (including the infamous performance counters).

If you have tried out the app, let us know your comments.