SurfCube 3D Browser For Windows Phone Updated To v5 With New Features


5, 2013

Author Pradeep // in Apps

SurfCube 5 launch video

Surfcube 3D browser for Windows Phone just got updated to v5 with many new features. The new Windows Phone 8 version takes advantage of Windows Phone 8’s new speech API. It has an interesting new feature called ‘Article Cinema’.

Article Cinema turns articles into a cinema-like experience: images from the article are shown, while the text of the article is read aloud. Article Cinema is basically a new, permanent tab, and can be initiated from the context menu. You can also add multiple articles to Article Cinema, and have them played in a row. For example, I get in the car, tap-and-hold on a dozen or so interesting links on my favorite portals’ home page, select “Play later” – and then the phone reads them to me while I’m driving.

Other features as part of this version,

– Wmv, avi, pdf, files are now played back (most of the time)
– First steps of Readability integration. Readability gives us a “Reader mode”, stripping a web page down to its content, showing only the text and images for an article. You can access Readability in the context menu (tap and hold on a page)
– Cosmetic changes, bug fixes

Download paid version here and free version here.


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