Surface RT Deals Appear On Ebay Again As Microsoft Looks To Clear Old Inventory (Get One For $250)



With the Surface 2 launch event only a week away, Microsoft is looking to clear old inventory of the SurfaceRT.  A number of great deals have appeared on ebay, and you can get a SurfaceRT 32GB w/ a Touch Cover for only $250 and the same bundle w/ 64GB for $280.  This is not as great as the $200 deal we saw a few weeks back, but still great savings.  Typically a 32GB SurfaceRT bundle w/ Touch Covers costs $399, so this $150 savings, and even greater $220 savings for the 64GB bundle.

Ebay – SurfaceRT 32GB w/ Black Touch Cover – $250

Ebay – SurfaceRT 64GB w/ Black Touch Cover – $280

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