Microsoft is now rolling out the May 2021 firmware update to Surface Studio 2. The update includes no new features, as you’d expect. But that doesn’t make the update any less important than a feature update as it contains fixes for some security issues and system stability improvements.  You can read the full official changelog below.


Windows Update History NameDevice Manager NameVersion and Update
Surface – Firmware – 532.3681.768.0Surface UEFI – Firmware532.3681.768.0

  • Addresses security updates and improves system stability.
NVIDIA – Display – GeForce GTX 1060 – Display adapters

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 – Display adapters

  • Addresses security updates and improves system stability.

The May 2021 firmware update is already available for Surface Book, Book 3, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop, Laptop 2, Laptop 4, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Laptop 3.

The new updates are rolling out right now and should surface on your Surface Studio 2. You can go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update to download and install the update.