Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-screen library update with Jetpack Window Manager now available

Way back in July we reported that Microsoft was adding support for Google’s Jetpack Windows Manager to the Surface Duo.

This would allow developers to code to a cross-device API which would work as well on the Surface Duo as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The move was enabled by  Google adding support for dual-screens to the  Jetpack Windows Manager, targeting foldable devices.

Today Microsoft announced that version 1.0.0-beta1 of their dual-screen libraries for Microsoft Surface Duo, which integrates Google’s Jetpack Window Manager support, was now available.

To aid developers, Microsoft made the underlying device interface swappable, so developers could continue to use the existing Display Mask API as long as they wanted and migrate to Window Manager when they were ready.

Today’s update delivers:

  • Jetpack Window Manager is an option for the core device interface layer.
  • Refactor code so that DisplayMask can still be used by existing developers.
  • Includes UI and unit tests for each component.
  • New RecyclerView layout manager for Microsoft Surface Duo.
  • Transparency and animation support added to BottomNavigation and Tabs.
  • Updated documentation and samples.

Developers can read more on how to switch between Window Manager and the Display Mask API, tips for migrating from the previous version, and other features of the release at Microsoft here.

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