Surface 3 Is Helping Infiniti Group To Change The Way People Buy Luxury Cars

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Infiniti retail group UK is the latest company to adopt Microsoft Surface 3. They selected Surface 3 due to its quality design and support for full Windows. “Surface 3 has revolutionized the way we are selling. This thing just blows away the iPad. Surface 3’s gorgeous, the cars are gorgeous, the mall is gorgeous…it all fits perfectly. Since adopting Surface 3, Infiniti retail group UK has seen a significant increase in sales from earlier in the year,” said Brendan Norman, managing director, Infiniti Retail Group UK.

With a new retail environment in luxury shopping malls, Infiniti retail group UK chose Surface 3 to help bring the Infiniti experience to the customer and streamline the sales process in these new showroom environments. Customers can view the full car catalog on Surface 3 and tailor their order according to what features and amenities they want in their car. Sales guides can bring Surface 3 on the test drive and even use the Surface Pen to help customers complete sales paperwork. Using Surface 3 means that Infiniti can process the whole thing on one device without having to leave the car.

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