SureLock Studio: Easily lock down enterprise Windows Mobile devices


7, 2009

42Gears has released SureLock Studio, a product aimed at enterprises using Windows Mobile devices. SureLock locks down Windows Mobile devices into kiosk mode and helps enterprises increase their mobile workforce productivity and avoid unnecessary device maintenance.

In recent times Windows Mobile has become quite popular among companies to deploy and run their business applications. Windows Mobile is a generic operating system and therefore provides opportunities to employees to use the device for entertainment and gaming purposes (browsers, audio players, games, phone etc) which results in wastage of crucial working hours. Besides, accidental corruption of device settings by employees can cause critical business applications to fail.

SureLock Studio helps enterprises avoid above problems by locking down Windows Mobile devices into kiosk mode. As configured SureLock allows the employee to launch and use only the “approved” Line of Business applications.

SureLock Studio is supported on touchscreen devices running WM 5.0, WM 6.0, WM 6.1 and WM 6.5.

Free trial download and cost information are available at the company website

If you are a blogger, a trainer or someone who wants to use SureLock Studio for demonstration purposes, you qualify for a FREE license. Just write to to get a registration key.

Founded in 2009, 42Gears develops mobility software products for Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices. For more information about the products and company, please visit the company website at


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