SuperTube upgraded to version 1.5, ads new features

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SuperTube, the YouTube client which allows the downloading of YouTube videos for off-line playing directly to your phone has now been upgraded to version 1.5.

The update brings:

  • Web video player has been redone, and add small screens model that allows you to write comments while streaming videos.
  • The performance of video player was optimized completely, the video in 720P can be played smoothly. And the buffering indicator was added.
  • Users can switch to full screen mode in 16:9 or 4:3.
  • The sounds of the videos will be run on the lock screen after you set to run under lock-screen.
  • After adjusting the sound, save your sound settings until you close the program.
  • Local video player adds ‘play all’ option.
  • After playing all downloaded videos once, the sounds of the videos will be run on the lock screen It can play next video automatically.

SuperTube can be found in Marketplace here.