SuperSearch for Windows Phone

SuperSearch is a FREE search bookmarking application designed to make your web search life much easier, Keeping all your favorite searchable websites in one place and offering history and suggestions (where available).

supersearch for windows phoneJust think about how many times a day we search different websites and whats involved! We need to type the website address to open the websites homepage and wait for it to load before we can perform our search, SuperSearch eliminates this by acting like a direct link to the search results of almost any website.

This is a unique kind of search app. Many search apps available for Windows Phone allow you to select from a few different sites that have been hard coded in by the developer. SuperSearch takes this concept much further, allowing you to search almost any site on the web that allows searching. Hundreds of search engines are readily available and, if they’re not enough for you, then you can easily create your own.

Fully supports and extends the OpenSearch specification, the same specification used by web browsers for search engines.
Comes with two themes.
Submit search engines to our module database, so others can easily install them.
Pop-down search suggestions and search history, just like the browsers do it!
With compatible modules, advanced search options let you customize the results your way.
SuperSearch Windows Phone QR Code

SuperSearch is available in the marketplace or just scan the QR code.

This app and it’s features are based on a Windows desktop/sidebar gadget which is compatible with Windows Vista/Windows 7 and you can take a look at it here

It’s a great little app that can come in very handy at times so why not give it a try!

If you find any problems with it you can contact support here and they will work with you to resolve any issues. Please leave a good rating and review on the marketplace if you like this app.

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