Super Monkey Ball-like game!

Gravitards is a WP7 exclusive game where you roll your ball around a 3D course, similar to Super Monkey Ball!

Overall Score: 3/5Gravitards

While Gravitards has some great level designs and good presentation, things like its mediocre controls, slow load speeds, and no save points hurt the game.

Gameplay: 2/5

You can control the game using three different controls: Accelerometer, on-screen arrows, or a physical keyboard (if you have one). In my opinion, these games are best experienced through accelerometer controls, so I selected that option. You can change the sensitivity of the controls and calibrate the g-sensor to your playing angle, but the sensitivity isn’t high enough. I played with the sensitivity on max, but I still felt like it needed more sensitive controls to feel normal. Until the developer increases the sensitivity, the controls really hold back the experience. However, the levels are well designed with hills you have to overcome, narrow paths you have to traverse, and moving platforms you have to navigate. The game is pretty fun once you get used to how much you have to tilt the phone to stop the ball. However, the coins you can collect in each level seem useless as of now since there are no statistics that are kept track of in the game once you exit it. If the developer adds in a Gold/Silver/Bronze ranking system, it’ll be great. Also, a save feature is needed.

Presentation: 4/5

The game looks awesome. The 3D environment is really detailed and pops out with great visuals. The sound effects are equally good. However, the game needs to fix some minor visual glitches before it is perfect; for example, your ball can go through solid moving platforms and the distant background sometimes matches the color of the course, making it impossible to see the course itself.

Lasting Value: 2/5

Since the game is so tough (because of the controls), it could last an hour or more. That’s not too long though, and since the game doesn’t track your high scores or rate your success on levels, there’s no incentive to replay levels in order to beat your previous times.

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Title: Gravitards
Price: $1.99
Publisher: GraphicDNA

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