Summary Of Day 1 at BUILD Windows

The day one of BUILD Windows conference is over. Here is the quick summary of what happened there,

  • Microsoft Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky took stage for the keynote.
  • With little background of Windows 7,  Steven introduced Windows 8.
  • Windows 8 is Windows reimagined.
  • Windows 8 PC’s will have no compromise on any aspect of a PC.
  • Windows 8’s core UI experience is shown.
  • Windows 8 will sport new start screen with Live Tiles.
  • Users can customize Live Tiles, rearrange them, group them, rename the groups,etc,.
  • Windows 8 will have new Lock screen with picture based password support.
  • Gesture support and multitasking on Windows 8 was shown.
  • Metro Style apps will take full screen always and suspended when moved away from screen.
  • New control panel for Metro UI with access to commonly used settings.
  • User can switch back and forth between Windows 32 app and Metro Style app anytime.
  • User can always switch between regular desktop view and new start screen.
  • Networking is hugely improved in Windows 8.
  • Lots of power saving technology in Windows 8.
  • Security is improved to a large extent in Windows 8.
  • Windows 8 will boot in few seconds. Microsoft showed a demo PC starting Windows 8 from cold in 5 seconds.
  • Windows 8 regular UI will sport new look with Ribbon added on Explorer Windows.
  • Much improved Task manager for Windows 8 shown.
  • Windows 8 will support wide array of screen resolutions.
  • Windows 8 will support almost all sensors available in the market now.
  • Windows 8 will feature brand new web browser with Metro UI based on IE10.
  • Users can switch between regular IE10 and Metro UI browser.
  • Windows 8 will have new soft keyboard with different layouts.
  • Windows 8 will have OS wide sharing and search features which can be extended by 3rd party apps.
  • Windows 8 will have system wide spell check and auto correct.
  • Windows 8 will have Xbox LIVE built into it.
  • User can login to Windows 8 using their Windows Live credentials.
  • There are new bunch of Windows Live apps such as Mail, Photos, Calender with new Metro Look.
  • Windows Live will take care of roaming on Windows 8.
  • Using Windows Live, you can take your background, preferences, apps, events, mail, contacts,etc to any given PC.
  • New SkyDrive API’s announced using which developers can roam their settings too.
  • Windows Live will bridge Windows 8 and Windows Phones.
Developer Story:
  • Almost all of the previous languages supported in Windows 7 now will be carried on to Windows 8 as well.
  • Windows 8 will have two different types of apps. 1) Metro Style apps 2) Normal Win32 apps.
  • Windows Store will be the distribution platform for both these apps.
  • Developers can either use HTML+CSS together with Java script or XAML based stuff to create apps.
  • WinRT will provide thousands of API’s for developers to take advantage of.
  • Silverlight apps will run on Windows 8 with changes in few lines of code.
  • Windows 8 apps run on Windows Phones by changing few lines of code.
  • Windows 8 apps should pass the certification requirements to feature in Windows 8 store.
  • New versions of Visual Studio and Expression Blend announced to support Windows 8 development.
  • Windows 8 developer tools are made available for download at
Some other stuff:
  • Microsoft gave Samsung tablets to all the 5000 attendees.
  • Microsoft appreciated its Student Interns for creating their demo apps on Windows 8.
I’ll update the list if I missed something.

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