A Suicide Squad game is apparently in the works, according to a series of domain names that all revolve around DC characters and link back to Warner Bros.

The domain names were posted on Resetera by user DriftingOrbit (via Eurogamer) and include the phrases “suicidesquadgame“, “GothamKnightsGame”, and “suicidesquadkillthejusticeleague.”

suicidesquadgame was registered on the 16th of June, suicidesquadkillthejusticeleague was registered on the 17th, and GothamKnightsGame was registered on the 19th.

Further down the Resetera thread, user JaseC points out that MarkMonitor, the company who registered the domains, “is a domain management company that is also the registrar of wbgames.com.” All signs point to Warner Bros.

Eurogamer says that the new Suicide Squad game is most likely being worked on by Rocksteady, also known for Batman: Arkham Asylum, and that “Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League” is apparently a contender for the game’s final title. Eurogamer also reports that “Gotham Knights” is referring to the unannounced Batman game that’s in the works at Warner Bros. Montreal, who also gave us Batman: Arkham Origins.

We can also assume that, given the poor reception that Suicide Squad (2016) received, it’s likely that the games will be based off the comic book incarnations of the aforementioned squad instead of their movie counterparts.

We’ll apparently be hearing more about both games at the DC FanDome event in August, 2020. We’ll be sure to update when we receive new information.